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Only for Adobe Premiere Pro 21.0+

XTurboEdit (Windows)

XTurboEdit (Windows)

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  • One Time Payment, Free Updates forever
Automatically does the Following:
  • Adds Effects with individual customizable Values
  • Adds the desired Memes to your video
  • Adds a desired background Song
  • Cuts the background Song if there is a gameplay noise
  • Adds Smooth transitions to the Song
  • Creates Clips (shorts & normal)
  • Deletes unwanted parts
Also Includes customizable Random Values
And More...

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XTurboEdit Trailer Video

Edit Your Videos 10x Faster

XTurboEdit not only removes unwanted parts, but also adds the desired memes you want, adds effects with given values, adds a song and cuts the song.

Allows for Explosive YouTube Growth

The Features integrated into XTurboEdit will automatically make your Video more likely to be picked up by the YouTube Algorithm.

Perfect Editing at Lightning Speed

XTurboEdit only does the hard part of editing. You tell it the placement of each element in your videos for it to do a percise job at the speed of light.


This extension was made highly configurable, making every aspect of it customizable! The Randomness of every Effect will add a multifarious element to your final product

Drag & Drop your Memes Folder

You can simply choose your memes folder and XTurboEdit will:

-Chooses a Random Meme, scale the meme to the perfect size & add it wherever you like.

One Time Payment, Lifetime Updates

Enjoy the benefits of XTurboEdit's ongoing development, as new features are seamlessly added without additional charges. Plus, you have the power to request features and see them implemented promptly.


Stop wasting hours upon hours of your valuable time every day and start automating repetitive tasks, add effects, memes, and background songs with ease, and achieve lightning-fast editing speed.